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Big congratulations to Creating Worlds writers Kobie du Plessis and Sam Mardell on the publication of their stories, both set in Barcelona,  in Foreign Encounters 2012, the third anthology published by Writers Abroad.

An encounter can be a chance meeting, a planned get-together or even a confrontation. This collection of stories, non-fiction articles and poems features a variety of foreign encounters: with family, friends, lovers, animals, cultures, or just with one’s own prejudices and preconceptions.

Kobie’s Dancer on the Train tells of a heartwarming real-life encounter, written from a place of total honesty;  Sam’s futuristic Dissipated Light is the poignant story of a longed for reunion.  Fantastic work,  both!

Buy your copy here: all profits from sales of the book will be donated to the charity Books Abroad which provides free school books to children in 84 countries.

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