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Many people tell me they have big problems writing for their business.

They know all the stuff they’re supposed to do to promote their products and services: email marketing, newsletters, articles, tweets… But they don’t know where to start. They get stuck. Their brilliant ideas go down like a lead balloon on the page.

How I can help? I asked myself. Is there a way that creative writing can cross over to business communication?

The more I brainstormed what I could share with business owners and professionals who need to write, the more excited I became. I realised that the bottom line (to use a buzzword), is that whether we’re writing a promotion for a product or service, a romance or fantasy novel, or a book about Spain, what we’re all really trying to do is hook our readers’ attention and engage their emotions in a powerful way.

What if we went behind the scenes, I thought, and opened up the box of tricks used by J K Rowling, Stephen King, Nora Roberts and [insert your favourite author] – as well as cutting edge advertising agencies and media writers – to captivate their readers’ imaginations, minds and hearts.


And so, on a sunny Saturday in the autumn of 2012, I gave my first Business Writing Magic Workshop in Barcelona. We had a great time. You can read what some of the participants said here.

In this safe, supportive space you can explore and practice simple yet powerful creativity, as well as develop new tools to help you produce compelling written material that evokes the unique essence of your business.



Who said creative writing and business don’t mix? In today’s media-driven world, it could very well be the ticket to your success.

Business Writing Magic workshops are for small business owners, self-employed professionals, non-profits, bloggers – in short, anyone needing to promote a product, service or activity.

The workshop is taught in English: for native speakers, near native speakers, and non native speakers with a high level of English. Creative writing tools are transferable to other languages.

BTW: Did I mention that it will be more fun than you ever dreamt?

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