Writing: The Three Keys

Passion – Perseverance – Patience

Passion drives the story and sweeps the reader along. Your passion for your subject, your story,  your characters in some mysterious way leaves its energy imprint in the words on the page, and your reader will feel it and will care.

Perseverance means using your writing craft tools until you’ve mastered them, and then some. Until you get it right. Word by word. Line by line. Draft after draft.

Patience: whatever the problems and difficulties with your text, your creative mind knows how to fix it. The practical logical part of the mind that gets you through the day does not. So nurture your creative mind with love and peace, space and time. Trust it to give you the solution that feels right in its own time. Have patience.

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2 Responses

  1. You said it right: word by word, line by line, draft by draft. Writing is a process, not a start and stop, quick in and out activity. You have reminded me of this in your post. Sometimes I feel almost embarrassed by how much time and effort I put into a simple piece of writing, so thank you for reminding me that it’s ok, it’s natural; I’m not super geek of the universe. Ha.

    I look forward to more nuggets from your right and left brain…


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