The Original Vision Workshops: Testimonials

The experience of the Vision Workshop was so inspirational and evocative that I actually burst into tears in the middle of writing my vision for the future, feeling as though Valerie had helped me delve into the very core of what I needed and wanted. And the strange thing is that, barely two months later, my vision became a reality.

Shari N.

The Vision workshop I did with Valerie guided us through how to write our dreams succinctly and accurately. Then Valerie explained how to break down these goals into smaller, achievable pieces. The result is that, although it has taken a long time, my dream that I identified in that workshop, and have been working towards ever since, is now coming true!

Doina T.

I found the Vision Workshop immensely helpful. It was also very enjoyable and entertaining. Valerie is a really engaging presenter and shared her topic in a very inspiring way.

Nadine K.

Valerie’s ‘Write Your Vision’ workshop was a truly inspiring experience. I arrived unsure of what to expect but knowing I wanted to find some inspiration for my future career plans. Valerie guided us through the visualisation and writing process and I left feeling that my expectations had not only been met but also excelled! A fantastic workshop for anyone who wants to find some focus.

Kate G.

I decided to go to Valerie’s Write-a-Vision workshop to find some inspiration. I’d been feeling stuck so when my friend told me about the session, I decided to take a step, instead of being in my head so much. It was a real treat of a morning! 5 ladies sitting in a comfortable, sunny room, learning how to really feel and be their life vision. We were guided through this pleasurable process by Valerie, who shared her experiences and gems of insight. We also enjoyed sharing ideas, colouring pens and quite a few therapeutic giggles. I’d like to send a call out on the “inner plane”  for continued motivation, inner strength and joyfulness for all of us. On a personal note, I’ve been taking more and more steps every day since I’ve written down my vision and I’m starting to feel like I’m getting my mojo back. Thank you for preparing such an inspirational morning workshop.

Annie W.

I’ve always been a big believer in the law of attraction, however in recent years I’ve been in a rut, surrounded by negative energy, and felt unable to motivate myself to do even the most simple things required to attract what I want in my life.  I know vision writing works, as I’ve practiced it in the past, but until I attended the workshop I just couldn’t bring myself to sit down and get on with it.  Not only has Valerie’s advice and tuition helped motivate me again, she introduced a key element I haven’t used efficiently in the past. Thanks so much for helping me with my ‘law of attraction block’!

Toni A.

I am in a stage of life where many things will be changing, so there is room for new dreams and visions. I have many wishes and ideas that bounce around. I came to the Vision Workshop hoping I could get some help in organising those, and then in working towards fulfilling the really important dreams. I certainly got what I was looking for. What we did during the workshop was already directly useful, and the Toolbox will be much appreciated and used many times in the future. Not just for big dreams, but handy for minor wishes and needs as well.
I cannot think of anyone who would not enjoy this or benefit from it greatly!

Pirkko K.

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