Creative Writing Magic

Creative Writing Magic is a fun and festive one-day workshop in central Barcelona designed to help you unleash your creative imagination and start writing, get unblocked if you’re stuck, and tune into the wondrous inner world you may have left behind along with your childhood.

By the way, you don’t have to be a writer – budding, experienced, blocked, stuck or aspiring – to do this workshop: it’s for anyone who longs to inject more spice, colour and passion into their lives.

Once unleashed, your creativity spills over into every aspect of your life.

The reason why many people feel stuck with their writing, whatever kind of writing it is, is because they do not understand the creative process.

Of course not – it’s not something we were taught in school: in fact in school, you were probably trained not to use the creative process. Were you punished, humiliated or made wrong for daydreaming?

At Creative Writing Magic there are no red pens and no judgements.

No one is made to read their work if they do not wish to share.

It’s okay to make a mess.

It doesn’t have to be perfect, literary, grammatical – it doesn’t even have to make sense. It just has to be yours.

“After experiencing writer’s block for years, I was delighted to have a breakthrough at Valerie’s fun and creative writing workshop.” R.C., Barcelona.

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