The Gift of 20 Minutes a Day

Can we reframe this business of writing for 20 mins a day/500 words as a gift that you give to yourself?

A gift to that part of you that never wanted to be cooped up in a classroom all day.

A minimum time and space where you can express yourself – say whatever you want – no judgement, no criticism, no demands or constraints. Let your imagination fly and your words tumble out.  Just 20 mins of complete freedom.

I’m not asking you to establish a writing habit for me, or for readers or editors or teachers or mentors or your peers. This is just for you.

Aren’t you worth 20 minutes of your time, attention and love ?

Can you give yourself this gift?

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3 Responses

  1. Yes, I want to. I need this gift. Did you write this just for me? No, there are surely lots of us out there who need a soft nudge.

    Thank you for the reminder, maybe I’ll even give my self 25.

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