With A Rose Between Her Teeth

A story that plays with both British and Spanish stereotypes.

“Whenever we Costa Brits became weary of sun, sea and sangria, tired of bright beach umbrellas, blue skies, palm trees, bead curtains, and dinner at midnight, we would go over to Debbie and David’s. Debbie’s chintzy little villa with its garden gnomes, crocheted toilet seat covers and heavy velveteen curtains was a home from home, a true haven, for the homesick….” Click here to read on.

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2 Responses

  1. What a delicious story. I could almost taste what it must be like to be a Brit – and in Spain. Feel it. Touch it.

    Well done, Valerie.

    Love the part on the new teaching method; I’m going to send it around to some of the language teachers in my little tribe.

    Still got a smile from the read. You know, one of those silly American grins.

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