Don’t you just love this word? I do. It’s one my totally favourite expressions, one of those matches made in heaven where two words that rhyme or alliterate or have assonance come together effortlessly to make one snappy, humorous, graphic expression.

The dictionary says that a think-tank is a research institute.

But I see this massive tank, like an aquarium,  and floating around inside are all these geeky-looking guys, some in white coats, some clutching clipboards, all of them wearing thick hornrimmed spectacles.

All they have to do all day is float around and think.

For which, I assume, they are handsomely paid.

I want in.

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5 Responses

  1. I want in too–but without the guys, the coats, the clipboards and the spectacles. I can do very well with the thinking and the salary though, thank you. My living room will do just fine.

    I’m enjoying these snippets immensely. Thank you!

  2. The Urban Dictionary says: 1)An organization that attempts to use creativity and higher levels of cognition to help to make the world a better place.

    Perhaps just a more creative way to say research institute! I’m picturing all of us creatives floating around, admiring our mermaid tails, and sharing ideas.

    Fun choice, Valerie!

  3. I want in but with the guys, coats, clipboards and spectacles!! Just the thought of floating around thinking about ideas all day… Thanks for the share. I enjoyed it immensely!

  4. I hear a silvery metallic *clunk* on the close of the syllable “tank.” I love the intentionally difficult pairing of the two words–our natural language-y inclination is to shorten it or combine it or otherwise make it easier to say…and yet this combination defies that bent. I love it.

    And yeah…to get paid to sit around and think all day…? Mmmmm…

  5. Too funny. I float around in my own think-tank most of the time so I understand the desire of this place. Frankly, the men (and it is mostly men) I’ve known who’ve been in think tanks are often no great shakes. Often, it’s a tractable personality which leads to opportunity, that a the right social connections. I’m all for think tanks which make room for women.

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