A Story of Mine

“Tortoise had become so demoralised by other, faster, nimbler animals bullying him that he lost all his self-confidence. Instead of feeling calm and unhurried and savouring every instant of Now, he yearned to be fast like cool, streetwise Hare.

It’s not good to be a tortoise, he told himself.

So Tortoise went into a decline, sitting around moping and beating himself up.

One day Frog hopped by. …”

Want to read on?

Then why not help abandoned and distraught animals in Southern Spain by buying a copy of Tails of the Alpujarras, a special collection of stories sold in aid of Valle Verde Animal Rescue Centre.

In addition to my fun story The Tortoise and The Hare (a New Age spoof with a serious heart), the book features contributions by best-selling authors Chris Stewart (Driving Over Lemons), Victoria Twead (The Old Fools in Spain Series), David Luddington (Forever England) and many others.

Mirador Publishing are donating all profits to the Valle Verde Animal Rescue fund.

More info and Amazon links here.


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