V is for Vector

Sorry, no idea what a vector is. Nor has anyone else (except, presumably, rockstar mathematicians and engineers.) Not to worry. It’s extremely versatile and sounds great. Just toss it in wherever you want,  but do make sure it’s vaguely connected with movement in one dimension or direction.  You can talk about vectorial-generating interfaces or cutting-edge vectorialization strategies and look very very smart in meetings.


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14 Responses

    1. I was married to a lawyer. Are you an engineer, Crystal? I just love the sound of the word. My protagonist, who’s into both malapropisms and bullshit-busting, calls it a victor.

  1. I don’t think I’ve ever tried to work it into conversation. And I don’t think I’d try for fear of falling flat on my face. Would that change my vector?

  2. I’m not sure I’ve ever used the term before. Journalism major here, so I come by it honestly. I’m thinking I need to use it now, though. Everyone needs to sound a little smarter sometimes, right? 😉

  3. “My protagonist, who’s into both malapropisms and bullshit-busting, calls it a victor.” Hahahahahaha! Love that! Can’t wait to read that protag.

    I love the word ‘vector,’ too! Imagine my disappointment when I found that Vector Control here in California relates to mosquito and other pest- and disease-related management. It sounds so much cooler on Star Trek.

    1. He is taking the piss out of a pompous scientist at a dinner party. “What makes the difference between a note-banger and a true musician? Experiments have been done to isolate the music gene in rats and transfer it on a self-replicating victor. But it was mistaken for a garbage gene.”

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