How The Creative Process Works

Lying on my yoga mat, focussing on my breathing, focussing on releasing the almost crippling tension in my neck and shoulders – suddenly it comes together. Dots join. It’s like a little explosion in my head. It happens instantaneously. That’s the creative process. I could never have arrived here by logical, linear thought. Only when […]

Weaving Text

In a recent post we looked at how the creative process has many stages, and how writing is no exception, and how each stage requires different skills and tools. And how, when we get stuck or frustrated with our writing and maybe beat ourselves up, it’s often because we’ve forgotten or are unaware which stage […]

What a Vase from Portugal Can Teach Us about Writing

This vase was bought my late parents many years ago on holiday in Portugal. How did this vase start life? As clay. Formless and colourless. So how did it become a vase? Someone had an idea in their head – a design – and probably sketched it on paper. And then the potter had to […]

Big Mind Join Dots

Yesterday, on the way back from the shops, an idea hit me – a section of plotline for the second novel, which is currently mostly a bunch of freewrites and crappy drafts. You know that feeling, that holistic feeling when dots are suddenly joined in your head, or pieces of a puzzle that have been […]