Stuff Catalans Do

Welcome to Stuff Catalans Do. Here, for easier reading, I’ve combined all the Stuff Catalans Do posts from April 2017 into one. You can read the Intro here. Do you have any Catalonia stories, anecdotes, clangers, to share? Please do so in the comments at the end of this post. You can also join in […]

Stuff Catalans Do: Zumzeig

Zumzeig Aka the joy of research.  To tell you the truth, I was stumped. There aren’t that many Z-words in Catalan, at least not native words. Most are international ones from Greek and other languages – like zebra, zènit, zoo, zombi,  zona  – and country names and their adjectives like Zàmbia and zambià, Zaire and zairès. […]

Stuff Catalans Do: Yperita

Yperita My hefty (dead-tree) Diccionari de la Llengua Catalana has only one word with Y – yperita (the y is pronounced ‘ee’)  It doesn’t even have its own page, but is lumped together with Z. So I could simply miss Y out, especially as I’ve already overshot the ‘official’ April A to Z Blogging 26-day […]

Stuff Catalans Do: Xiuxiueig

Xiuxiueig Did you freak out when you saw this word? People tend to when they see a piece of text in Catalan because of the liberal sprinkling of ‘x’ s,  and they tune out thinking that it’s a weird and unpronounceable mish-mash. In fact xiuxiueig is one of Catalan’s most lovely onomatopoeic words. Repeat after […]

Stuff Catalans Do: W

W is not really a ‘native’ letter in Catalan. The only words in the W section of the dictionary are those of foreign origin, from wagnerià through waterpolo and watt to whisky to wulfenita and wurtzita. I misread this last one as wurstita and, thinking it was some kind of sausage, I checked it out […]

Stuff Catalans Do: Verdaguer and Vermut

Verdaguer Maybe the first thing that springs to mind is that metro station in Barcelona whose name you can’t pronounce.  The Verdaguer monument is close by, unreachable in the centre of a major road intersection. In fact Catalonia is jammed with streets and squares, schools and other institutions (and monuments) commemorating Jacint Verdaguer. So who […]

Stuff Catalans Do: Tombatruites

Tombatruites Making a truita (trooEETeh) de patates (Spanish omelette) is dead easy.  You fry the diced potatoes in olive oil till soft. You beat the eggs in a bowl, with salt. You add the eggs to the pan and cook the mixture on one side. And then you flip it over – and end up […]

Stuff Catalans Do: Quatre gats

Quatre gats When I first came to Barcelona, when Spain was still a police state, I taught English at a school in a stately building on Rambla Catalunya, on the floor above what was then the Moroccan Consulate. One evening we heard a commotion outside and stepped out onto the narrow balcony: a handful of […]

Stuff Catalans Do: Nit de Sant Joan

If you love being made to jump out of your skin while strolling peacefully through your local square, if dosing your dog with valium is your thing, or locking yourself in with all the windows closed on a hot summer night, then you will positively adore the Nit de Sant Joan – St John’s Night […]

Stuff Catalans Do: Mar i muntanya, Mató, Montserrat

Mar i muntanya ‘Sea and mountain’ is a type of dish that combines ingredients typical of mountain areas (meat, sausages, game etc) with fish and seafood, as in arrós mar i muntanya For example: pollastre amb llagosta – chicken with lobster pollastre amb escamarlans – chicken with crawfish calamars farcits de carn – squid stuffed […]