O is for Options

Options – the illusion of choice. With most things now there are so many options you go dizzy and end up

(a) spending hours / days on consumer sites to find the Best Option


(b) realise that it’s all an illusion, a mirage, all smoke and mirrors and you can choose between 577 varieties of chemicals-laden crap. Or, between a couple of Big Players (monster corporations) that offer you exactly the same services and if you ever manage to read the small-print / do the math, you realise you’re paying through the nose for all of them and they are laughing all the way to the bank.



The A-Z of Bullshit, Hype and Cool Stuff is part of the Blogging from A to Z Challenge 2016

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9 Responses

  1. Having “limitless” options can work against commitment, especially with lifetime decisions like marriage. Why marry when there are so many on-line singles to choose from?

    It’s our fascination with the shiny new thing, which is certainly better than anything I have…

    Thanks for the reminder, Valerie. Options can so often be an illusion.

  2. I far prefer the menu that has the fifteen things a restaurant does well, as opposed to the the fifteen pages of things they don’t quite. Yes having too many options is not always a good thing!

  3. This reminded me of a time I was shopping for a television and so overwhelmed by choices I was in the store for hours. Finally a clerk came by and said, “Don’t worry, ma’am, we’re open ’til ten.”

    And don’t get me started on cable companies! Yikes.

    Enjoying your posts.

  4. Hey, I had the option of leave a comment the last time I read this, and I left one, but it was all a mirage. My comment is gone. Anyway, this series rocks. I love your candor and creativity.

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